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Product Design Services

For Manufacturers and Technology Companies

Concept Authority delivers product development services to technology companies and manufacturers, from conceptual design to commercialization we are the one-stop shop specializing in development, prototyping and manufacturing outsourcing of industrial and consumer products, Concept Authority can handle all R&D requirements to get the highest quality products developed and manufactured on time. Our team combines years of experience in engineering and innovation excellence and can provide the best solutions. Our streamlined processes are designed to help our customers move faster, reduce costs & meet deadlines. We welcome you to take advantage of our free project assessment program to take a preliminary look at your project’s technical feasibility and potential risks. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.




Manufacturing Plant and product design

For Entrepreneurs and Inventors

Concept authority can bring your ideas to life!  Safely design, document and prototype your ideas with us, take the lead and protect your invention by not disclosing your ideas to “invention marketers”. Our service will provide you with the documents and prototypes that will prove your idea’s functionality and pave the way for patents and marketing.


Idea graphic over brick lined wall

For Marketers

Concept Authority can help marketers enhance and bring brilliance to new products, our unique approach produces eye catching designs with lasting impressions. We collaborate with you to understand your vision and setup a unique design plan. Don’t limit your options, we can provide multiple design configurations from outside the box. With us you can have all the support you need for a successful marketing campaign.


Plastic bottles and beauty products