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Product Development

Product Development Solutions

Simply let Concept Authority provide you the best product development solutions.

Our team is highly creative and very diligent in opportunity and market research and can handle many challenges. We know that communications are the key! thus we keep our customers involved in the development process through continuous collaboration and brainstorming. Our process is very clever yet is simplified, we begin by identifying the application critical requirements, then collect data about the technical purpose and the feasibility expectations, the gathered information then used as the foundation to produce a prime technical concept for the product idea , this concept is taken through an expedited process of virtual development, simulation and validation, once the results deemed viable, the design moves into the next milestone of our accelerated NPD process.

Idea Screening and Feasibility

It can be costly investing money and resources developing unsound ideas, Concept Authority will screen the ideas pre the development process defining all the technical aspects, those aspects then ethically examined in reference to true engineering disciplines. We know it could take a long time proving theoretical concepts, but we also know the correct approach to expedite such process, our unique processes allows us to prove the technical feasibility fast, specifically through simulation and explored mockup testing, once the technical feasibility is cleared now comes the business case; it’s true, profit is the primary factor in making critical decisions. Concept Authority will look at the preliminary potential risks and gains of the project, we account for all apparent cost factors and build our cost analysis for all possible configurations of the design, our cost analysis and part cost are directly integrated into our intelligent engineering & CAD software, those features allow us to govern the design and maintain the business potential. Our customers can choose justifiable designs with profit margin expectations along many options for change.