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Product Color and Texture

Product Color and Texture Development

(Surface & Finish Aesthetics)


Concept Authority provides product color and texture solutions to give your products the appropriate appearance, we are knowledgeable in surface finishes, plating and texture mapping, also industrial color specification and selection. We can have your products surface textures customized to your choice or established to meet industrial standards. Also the right plating specs can be selected to complement the functional application and the aesthetic requirements. Colors are selected following industrial standards like Pentone and Ral, and the coloring pigments are selected based on the materials compatibility, environment effects and aging,

We can present your marketing team uncompressed 24bit true color images for the selection process along with the process specs. our proposed images will show you what to expect in the final production phase and what would your customers finally get, we know exactly what is achievable in color & surface physique, most product appearance errors happen when the surface texture is incompatible with the design parameters or the wrong color pigment is chosen for the specified materials.