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Tooling Design and Fabrication

Injection Molding Tool Design and Fabrication

We are very experienced in injection molding tool design and fabrication, we can turn around low cost short run tooling in under three weeks, also we can design and produce high volume Injection molding tooling faster than any one else, our frames are supplied by DME and PCS including standard MUD frames, we can design molds from one to 128 cavities for micro, small or large parts, tools can be customized to fit vertical, horizontal or rotary machines, we also offer many standard and custom options for manual or auto ejection and auto insert loading, our tool designs incorporate the best features, such as face locked cavities and cores, low cost manifolds, third stripper plate ejection, baffle and gas-tube cooling, hydraulic or pneumatic long stroke slides, guided ejection, sensor integration, integrated thermal management and date and serial numbering.

Rapid Tool Design By Concept Authority Corp.